Great Galleon is committed to the consistency in quality of the brands/blends which would be an added contribution to the existing turnover. This consistency in quality will attract premium brand manufacturers from India and from other countries too.

Dhar Plant

We have a world-class 100% grain-based manufacturing facility at Dhar, near Indore. It is an FSSAI Certified zero-discharge plant, and is largely automated. The plant has both, semi-automated, and automatic bottling setups for IMFL and country liquor, in this zero- emission facility. The Dhar plant operates at a monthly production capacity of 4.5 Million litres of Extra-Neutral Alcohol (ENA) and 1.5 M cases of liquor.

  • No. of Bottling Lines : One bottling glass filling line, one can filling line
  • All imported machinery
  • Milling Equipment and Mash Filters from Meura Belgium
  • Beer filters from Krones, Germany
  • FDA and FSSAI Certification
  • Zero-Discharge Plant
  • Special emphasis on rain-water harvesting
  • Automation is to the level where we have minimum human interference
  • Plant designed in such a way as to produce any beer
  • State-of-the-art research facility
  • Plug-and-play play solution for beer production, any beer can be produced by any manufacturer
  • 100% waste-water recycling
  • Development of a sizeable green are for employee and environmental variable

Cheer Breweries, Mysore

GGVL’s second technologically leading manufacturing plant, owned by a group-owned company, Cheer Breweries, is located in Mysore, where we contract manufacture for B9 Beverages (Bira 91) at an annual capacity of 800,000 Hl.

This zero- discharge plant is FSSAI Certified and is fully automized to minimize human intervention. This brewery is open for manufacturers who are looking for a one stop solution for their own brands.

  • Zero Discharge Plant since 2011
  • Best available technology
  • 100% grain-based manufacturing
  • Technologically advanced equipment: Multi Effect Evaporator, Decanter, Bundle Tube Dryer
  • Water treatment RO plant, CRO plant
  • Equipment procured from the best manufacturers in India, Triveni, Thermodyne
  • FSSAI certification
  • Most plant processes are automated, Semi-automatic and automatic bottling for IMFL and Country Liquor
  • Zero-Emissions Plant as a result of the Electro-Static Precipitator by Thermex (best global manufacturer) used at the plant
  • We sell dry and wet by-products of the distillation process as DDGS, DWGS for cattle feed, poultry feed, and fish feed
  • Automatic Pet Bottling (purchased from ASB international Japan), pollution free production, multiple bottle sizes available